Segway Cost Segway Price Alternative Personal Transporter Robo ZL-03iR Segway i2 Style

Standard ZL-o3ir had a 3 piece lead acid Battery 

No Longer Available

We can still get them in 36v and 72v Lithion Ion Batteries

See Below

Below we have our Robo ZL-03iR Personal Transporters with 36v Lithion Ion or 72v Lithion Ion Batteries
( Two Versions Available )

Introducing the All New Updated ZL-03iR Segway Style Personal Transporter.  The New ZL-03iR Personal Electric Transporter has been updated with New Lithion Ion Batteries, a New Steering Pipe, Side Brackets, and an LCD Screen that shows Current Speed, Total miles traveled, and the Battery Status.
The updated ZL-03iR comes with a 36v lithion Ion Battery or a 72V Lithion Ion Battery and comes in a variety of fashionable colors including Black, White, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red.  Custom colors are available for an extra fee.  The Extra fee will depend on the Customized color you want. 

We will have more colors of the Updated Zl-03ir's soon

This is an Awesome Personal Transporter for the Money.  The ZL-03ir is Stylish, Sexy and Perfectly Priced for those who cannot afford a Segway I2

Email us for the User Manual

Segways for Sale Alternatives and the Cost of our Alternative Segway Style Personal Transporter Robo ZL-03iR ( Old version Below with a cheaper price )

36v Lithion Ion Battery


72v Lithion Ion Battery

Once we have received your completed payment we will send a confirmation of payment received from roboscooters within 24 hrs and ask that you confirm your Address, Phone Number and choose your color choice.  You will receive a tracking number within 3 -5 Business Days of cleared payment, once you have your tracking number the transporters are usually delivered in around 5 days by fedex or dhl express.
1-910-373-3017 ( Call or Text )


Wholesale Prices Available old Version >>> Click Here <<<

Below  we have The old style Robo ZL-03IR Electric Personal Transporter. We have several Segways for sale alternatives that you may be interested in on our site that do not have the segway price or cost. The segways for sale alternatives that we offer are not cheap knock offs of the segways for sale but good alternatives that work just as good and do not have the prices of segways.

The Robo ZL-03ir was Especially made for and comes with Imported motors, servo drives and a 3 speed remote control with towing function. ( See the 'R' Branding on our Transporter ) All of our Segway Alternatives work just as good as any segway for sale and all of them come with at least a 1 year warranty.  Our Segway alternatives are for the people who want a segway but do not want to pay for what a segway cost.

These segway alternatives for sale work just like the regular segways for sale, without the high cost or price of a segway for sale. ( You can buy two or three of these for what you can an Expensive segway for sale, and they are just as Durable and Dependable as the more expensive segways

((( Comes with a 2 Speed Remote Control & Tow Function )))

Updated Version  has More advanced Safety features, Lights on the Front and Back, Battery Indicator and Newly Designed Remotes

Led Battery Indicator and all New Safety System.  When you attempt to over speed the ZL-03ir will Beep and Gently Slow you down to keep you from over speeding,  also now has lights on the Front and Rear, a three piece battery and an all new Steering System for added comfort. 

The ZL-03ir has two speeds, turtle mode - 8 km/h ( about 5 mph )  and the Standard Mode -20 km/h  ( 12.5 mph ) and all Newly Designed Remotes

CE, NQA, FCC, ROHS, & UL Certifications
 Strictly Follows the Standards of ISO9001 as well

The new Robo ZL-03ir Electric Personal Transporter works just like a segway personal transporter with Sophisticated Computer Controlled Balancing Gyroscopes and Sensors that keep you Balanced as you stand on a two wheeled mobile platform. 

The Robo ZL-o3iR has the latest in technology and is a very good segway for sale alternative without the segway price or cost. The Robo ZL-03ir personal transporter alternative runs off of  2 - 800 watt Dc Motors, will go 25 - 37 miles on a charge, runs about 12 mph, Has a Voice Reminder Function,  GPS Capability, weights about 99 lbs, and a 5" Ground Clearance.

The transporter looks almost like the New segway i2 PT but is not.  This is an alternative to the very expensive segway i2 personal transporter at less than half the cost of a segway i2. The height of the personal transporter is adjustable from 80 cm to 110 cm or 31.4" to 43.3"

Please Notice there are Two type of Rims: Type One has the 5 spokes, Type two has the Bicycle looking spokes. If you do not specify they will be randomly chosen for you, this goes the same for the color, If you do not Contact us and specify we will randomly choose a color and rim style for your Personal Transporter

The Robo ZL-03iR comes in Red, Green, White, 
Blue and Black.  Please contact us with your Desired Color 

((( New Design Difference )))

" Don't Ride Alone "

Contact us for the Payment Request

 Two Style Rims Shown Below

Type 1 Rim 

Type 2 Rim 

 Free Shipping 

" Don't Ride Alone "

Free Shipping within the USA & Most Countries

((( Wholesale Prices Available )))

If you are Interested in Reselling the Robo ZL-03ir Personal Transporter Contact us with your Selling Intentions


Item specifics

2 x 800 watt DC Motors (1600 watts total)  ( 2 - 3 year Battery Lifetime )
Charging Time:
6 - 8h
Tire Size:
17 inch tire ( 12 inch Aluminum Rim )
Brand Name:
Robo ZL-03iR
36v 42ah 3 Piece PB Lead acid Battery 
Range Per Charge:
40-60 km ( 25 - 37 miles )
Model Number:
Robo ZL-03iR
18Km/h(MAX) or about 12 mph
Maximum load:
130kg ( 286 lbs rated )
Maximum power output:
2 x 800 watts
Vehicle weight (Net weight):
45 KG or 99 lbs
Vehicle size::
48 cm X, 61cm X, 74cm high or   18.8" X 24" X 29" ( Handlebars adjustable from 31.4" to 43.3" )
Pedal height:
26 cm or 10"
110-221v AC Power Adapter
Climbing angle:
20 degree
Vehicle body:
13 cm from ground or around 5"

All Non Residents From outside the USA Please Contact US About Shipping Before Ordering.

( There are no Import fees on the Robo ZL-03iR Personal Transporter in the USA...All other countries will need to consult there local customs to find out if there is an Import tax for your country)

Shipping will take at least 5  -15  Business Days, but may arrive within 7 -10 days. 

( Your Tracking number could take anywhere from 3 - 5 Business Days to receive ) 

After you receive your tracking number the Transporters are usually delivered within 3 -  7 days by Air Express

Buy Two 72v ZL-03ir's 

For $2399.00 each

** Total of $4,798.00 **

Free USA Shipping

" Don't Ride Alone "

Skype ID: roboscooters

1-910-373-3017 ( Call Or Text )


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