J-701 Stand on Segway Alternative Personal Transporter ( 3 Models J-701, ZL-03i and Inmotion SCV )

Below we have the newest mini segway alternative personal electric transporter to come out in the market.

Inmotion SCV 
Here we have the Inmotion SCV Personal Transporter.  The Inmotion scv cost is $2499.00.  The Inmotion scv is the coolest and newest smart personal electric transporter to come out in the market.  The inmotion SCV R1 weighs only 31 lbs and will travel about 12 -18 miles on a complete charge and comes with a 1500 month warranty. 

Below we have a Video of the Inmotion SCV at the 2014 Consumer electronics show in las vegas.

To order your Inmotion SCV today or for more information visit the link below

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J-701 New Model Segway Alternative Personal Transporter Scooter
One Year Warranty

Segways can cost over $6000 or more these days. Here we have the Brand New Just released all new J-701 segway personal transporter alternative. The J-701 Stand on Scooter works just like an expensive segway without the segway cost or price. 

The J-701 is strikingly similar to several segway models but without that high price that goes with them. This is not a cheap knock off of the segway, but rather a good alternative to the high price of a segway for sale. ( You can buy two of these hi quality segway style personal transporters for what you can one segway )

The J-701 personal transporter is powered by two 800 watt Dc Brushless Motors for a total of 1600 watts of power, ( Battery life is good for over 800 complete cycles or 4 - 6 years ) the personal transporter will go over 18 miles on a single charge and has an advanced energy feedback system that recycles energy back into the battery for increased drive time.

Before you go and purchase an expensive new or used segway for sale take a look at  our site below

 Please pay special attention in the video below of how the New J-701 Personal Transporter Handles and Turns.

( See Specifications Below Video & Pics )

((( Wholesale Prices Available )))

If you are Interested in Reselling the J-701 Personal Transporter you will need to purchase a sample before we quote you wholesale

Below are the Specs for the J-701 Segway Style Transporter

Brand Name:
Personal Transporter
Model Number:
Charging Time:
Range Per Charge:
30KM or about 18.6 miles
Net weight:
40KG or 88 lbs
Max Speed:
20KM/h or about 12.5 mph
Max load:
150KG or  330 lbs
16*3.5inch 300KPA vacuum tire
Less than 30 degree
Size Specifications :
46cm X 63cm X 85 - 100 cm or 18" X 24" X 33.6" -  39.3"  ( Around a 6" Height adjustment ) 
110-221V AC Power Adapter
Lithium battery:
charging temperature:
10-45 Celsius

The Freego J-701 Price is only $2895 with Free shipping

All Non Residents From outside the USA Please Contact US About Shipping Before Ordering.

( There are no Import fees on the Personal Transporter in the USA...All other countries will need to consult there local customs to find out if there is an Import tax for your country)

Shipping will take at least 5  -10 Business Days, but may arrive within 7 -10 days. 

((( Your Tracking number could take anywhere from 3 -5 Business Days to Receive on account of Customs Declarations )))

After you receive your tracking number the Transporters usually arrive within 3 days by Air Express


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